Casa Mar y Montana, Sayulita, Mexico
The house can be rented as whole for 4-6 people, or each appartment unit itself.

The perfect vacation spot for families and friends, short- and long term.

Casa Mar y Montana, designed and built 1999 by current owners. During construction and additional enhancements, we paid attention to natural building material, open interior design to let light and fresh air in. The lot is 900 m2 large, offers different level and terrraces and is planted with more than 25 different flowers. Coconot, citrus, papaya and banana fruits can be taken and eaten during the year.
A separat garage and multi car parking lot is available, too.
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We renting since 2000, and many enjoyed a good time: great location, quiet neighborhood, spacious ground, amzing garden, high quality construction, continous improvements and local house management are main reasons of the so many positive testimonials.